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Willie Trowsdell, owner of W&W Development, has made a remarkable impact in pioneering the development of new building markets. Trowsdell began his involvement in real estate at an early age, becoming a homeowner at the age of 17. In 1988, he began his career as a builder and a developer. Five years later, Willie and his wife Wilda together transformed the company's original emphasis on raw land development into a thriving new construction business--W&W Development Company.

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Wilda & Willie Trowsdell (center front) with W&W Team


A Building Pioneer

Willie Trowsdell has made a remarkable impact in pioneering the development of new building markets and introducing entirely new prices within areas that have usually accepted only minimal prices.


Continually striving to provide upscale housing at affordable prices, W&W longs for individuals to achieve their dream of homeownership. Trowsdell also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, assisting those just starting in the building industry and aspires to continually develop his competent team.
















Without quality,

there is no value

W&W Development Company's Home Quality Pledge is our guarantee that homebuyers will immediately realize the exceptional value and craftsmanship in a W&W home. Home buyers appreciate that a W&W creation is remarkably priced to reflect the lifetime of quality, satisfaction and our overall professional approach we devote to the custom home building industry.



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